About ACIIA                                                          

Established in 2000, ACIIA (www.aciia.org) is the international umbrella organization for national and regional associations of investment professionals representing over 60,000 portfolio managers, analysts, investment advisers, asset managers and fund managers etc worldwide. Its role is to provide a flexible, internationally recognized qualification - Certified International Investment Analyst CIIA - which examines candidates at a high standard and in a practical fashion in the global and local topic areas that are necessary to pursue a career in the investment profession. In doing so, it strives to: 

  • Encourage and provide a forum for the creation and interchange of ideas and information in the finance and investment field.
  • Support and promote the interests of the investment community.
  • Promote ethical behavior in the industry. 

In the ten years since its inauguration, ACIIA membership has grown to thirtyfive associations worldwide. The members are spread throughout Asia, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa and encompass a wide variety of languages, cultures and business customs. 


Link with ABAF-BVFA 


ABAF-BVFA is a member of EFFAS and holds a complete CIIA accreditation for its courses. This means that a student obtaining his/her degree through ABAF-BVFA has just acquired a diploma with international accreditation qualifications. Not only is this diploma valid in every EFFAS and ACIIA member state, it is also accredited by the FSA in London. As such a Belgian student can operate in the London Financial City without having to pass all FSA exams again. 

With this international diploma, students can move from country to country while obtaining their CIIA degree. If their employer moves, for example, the studies started in France can easily be finished in Belgium.
Students taking an ABAF-BVFA exam, in fact take a truly international exam, where all CIIA and EFFAS member societies provide questions to a common database that are used for a common international exam.  

All exams are continuously monitored by the IEC, the International Examination Commission, and comparisons per country and per examination question are being performed by a common examination database (examination administration software). Our exams are not only corrected and compared in Belgium but at an international level as well.


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