Since the end of the 70s the Association has been organizing courses on financial analysis (corporate finance, derivatives, equity analysis, portfolio management, bond analysis, ...). One of the fundamentals has been the cooperation with the academic world. This has been visible through the set-up of CIAF – Centre Interuniversitaire d’Analyse Financière - and the presence of renowned professors in the domain of finance.

With the internationalization of the profession more up-to-date courses within a global context have been set up. On top, new training possibilities are created in asset management, treasury and risk management.

We organise the following training programmes:

Certified European Financial Analyst: this international recognized program is focused on the day-to-day work for portfolio managers, fund managers, CFO’s, asset managers and operational banking people with as core objective to provide a professional and more practical program covering a true market need by the finance industry. It also offers a wide range of possibilities for participation in further international top finance programs and examinations Training sessions are organized onsite as well through online learning and examination platform.

Certificate in Treasury and Risk Management: organized in collaboration with Febelfin Academy. This program has been accredited by EFFAS and is proactively supported by NBB/FSMA and recognized by these regulators.