The Professional Certificate in Risk Management is organized in collaboration with Febelfin Academy. The program aims at giving a structured approach to governance, risk and compliance as well as a full-fledge expertise in the techniques, policies and methods that are appropriate to any effective management, passing through a risk map (including risks such as legal, tax, fraud and technology risks) to close with linking risk and strategy.

Other objectives are:

• giving opportunity to familiarize with quantitative techniques usually supportive of an advanced risk management framework (market, credit and operational risks) or a decision-making process (corporate finance, portfolio management, real options);

• informing on the current regulatory framework and alerting on the new package of reforms  to which the sector will be exposed.

The Certificate has been tailored to bring value and consistency to professionals of the financial services sector or to any who are indirectly concerned.

This program has been accredited by EFFAS and is proactively supported by NBB/FSMA and certified by these regulators.

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